Maximizing Resources

We all want to sell more, to have more profits , to increase number of clients and market share. In order to reach those goals we use resources, goals , activities.

What if form every tool you  use  , resource  you spend  you propose to reach more than one goal, objective? Let’s use the  example of a sales call. In a sales call  you want, obvious , to make a sale. But what about , along with the sale, you want to be perceived as an expert  in your industry? This is a valuable  objective? What if, along with the sale you want to gain trust from your client? Or you want to be respected, preempt  your competition, be a consultant for your client? This objectives are valuable  objectives?

Now think ,after setting more goals for the resources, tools  you use , did  your sales pitch will  be different? Did your direct email will look different? Did your add campaign will look different? Did your PR action, exhibition participation, direct mail, website will be different?

How many objectives can you reach with every resources you spend? How many goals you can reach with every tools you use? It can  change your entire strategy? You can reach more with the same amount of resources, tolls, actions?

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