The art of influencing

The art of influencing

Knowing what to do it’s not the same with doing what you know. When something is new you don’t know it well and tend to be hesitancy in your acting. How many time in your life you knew that this is the right way to do it , but you didn’t follow through? How many times you knew  that you should  act in some way and you didn’t?

The biggest constraint in growing your business/department it’s you ( the owner or manager).It’s not your resources, it’s not your environment , it’s the way you act, manage and influence people. The biggest constraint in growing your business is the power of making decisions ( or lack of it).

The only way to change your company/department is Leadership. Leaders are master of influence. If you can’t influence your team, your company  , you can’t lead. You’ll be a manager but your team can’t understand and own what you say , what  they  need to accomplish.

Leaders solve problems and maximize resources. Your company is resourcefulness. Leaders are resourcefulness. How many times  you knew that you must do a thing , you didn’t knew how to do it , but you succeed, you make it through  ?

The key of leadership is the ability to influence emotions . To influence other people you have to know what influenced them and to connect with them at deep level.

But in order to influence others , I need to be influenced 100%.If I don’t trust in my company, my products, my services , what do you think are my chances to influence others to trust ?If I’m not 100% influenced by my product/service , I can’t influence you .

To transform your business= Became the master of influence by asking the right questions. We  can seduce ourselves  asking wrong questions:

  • I’m starving to death( like you’re in Congo and you didn’t eat for 7 days)
  • How can I improve my business when nobody is buying?
  • How can I increase my sales when I don’t have better equipments, better people then my competition?

The way we ask questions it’s influencing our focus, feeling and future actions. If we ask ” How can I improve my business adding more value for clients, discovering new markets, improving  sales strategy, even if my market is shrinking ?” looks better then the previews one? We are focusing  on different direction ? We feel different ? The way we ask this questions will affect on different direction our actions?


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