6 Rules to improve your time management

6  Rules to improve  time management

The 6 rules  to improve your time management are:

  1. Touch it once
  2. Make lists
  3. Allocate time  to each task
  4. Prioritize tasks (do the most important things first)
  5.  Plan your day
  6. Will this help  to through this away?

1.Touch it once

The average office workers spends one month per year reading the same information without taking any action. How many time did you read the same materials because you had to postpone dealing with it because of interruption?  The rule for this is simple:

“You touch it once you deal with it”

If you touch it you create a :

  • A  file to solve the issue
  • A post it with action to be taken
  • A memo of what you should do

2.Make two lists

Begin your working day creating two lists:

  • All task you have to do
  • List of 6 important task to do

The key is to stick  with 6 most important tasks to do.If you focus on more than 6 tasks you tend to do the easy one at the beginning and push further or ignore the hard one. If other important tasks are coming during the day , moved them to general list and see what you can move from 6 important  tasks  from your schedule to general tasks in order to fulfill the new important task.

3.Allocate time to each task

Write down time for each 6 important tasks :

  1. Client proposal -1 hour
  2. Revise and send by email the contract with “X” company -1,5 hour
  3. 2 Miscellaneous meetings –each 0.5 hours
  4. 2 Read emails sections -0,5 hours each

4.Prioritize tasks.

Set important task as priority and plan to do the most important first. Keep those tasks ,which you have to allocate more time to solve it, on your schedule in small chunks at a time.

5.Plan your day.

According with the previews rules set up you plan your day:

–      8,00- 8,30- check emails and client proposal

–      8,30-9,00- Review employees time management lists

–      9,00-10,30- Review, revise and send email with contract “X”

–      10,30-11,00- Miscellaneous meetings “Got –a- Minute “  meetings

–      11,00-12,00- Review Marketing Plan

–      12,00-13,30- Lunch with important client

6.Will this help me to through this away?

  • 80% of all filed info is never referred to again
  • Clean and delete unnecessary emails once per month
  • Clean and through away unnecessary documents once every 3 months.


  • Without time management:
    • 80% -Time spent on NON-productive activities
    • 20%- Time spent on productive activities
    • With Time Management the rapport is flipping:
    • 80% -Time spent on productive activities
    • 20%- Time spent on NON-productive activities

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