The prehistoric method of sales training

Most of the companies are using the  ” prehistorically method of training ” Stay with John, learn what John is doing and do what John is doing. Information past from mouth to mouth. Grab the rock, throw the rock and kill to bring food. Training  is left  to the knowledge, attitude and mood of John.

More than 90% of companies that are using training , train sales force only on closing and overcome the objections .Results of companies are very disturbed because of lack of training for sales force.

To have very good results in sales you need to:

–      Create procedures for each step of the sales process;

–      Set standards of minimum performance for each sales rep and manager;

–      Create procedures and then policies and work with sales team to consistently follow them;

–      All sales reps and managers in sales should be able to answer questions like :5 steps of gaining rapport? 6 questions you ask every prospect?

More than 40% of a sale is made by getting in a rapport with your clients. If they don’t trust you and respect you  they’ll never make the deal with you. Yet, most of the companies don’t do anything to train the sales force in getting in rapport with their prospects. If you don’t train your sales force on how to better get in rapport with the prospects they’ll never even have the chance to overcome objections and close the deal.

Another mistake  that most of the companies who invest in training for sales force is that after the training they expect  that sales will go nuts, will be huge. It’s like after a training weekend you know how to fly an aircraft. It’s like, after a weekend or five days of training with Roger Federer you’ll  be in top 20 ATP. After a training session you remain with maximum 20% of the material is presented. You have to  make procedures on how to use the sales steps consistently. If you repeat the same material, with each training session , the level of knowledge will increase till they will master it.

Memorization- lowest level of learning. Synthesis- or subconscious competence it’s the highest level of learning . To achieve Synthesis-make your team to memorize the  steps of selling and then set procedures and polish each skill until mastering( repetition is mother of skills) .

Brain has a great capacity to store information but if you don’t retrieve to the information is stored in a short period of time , you lose that information. Think about   if you didn’t play for some time a sport or use a tool , you don’t have the same efficiency.

So, train your sales force and don’t let anything at the mood , attitude or knowledge of your sales reps. And don’t forget, the key is to repeat the same material , over and over again,  till  is became as second nature for them.

Create a sales person manual with each step of the sales process so that every new employee to receive it in first day. Also every sales people on your staff can access it when it doesn’t know how to make an excellent follow up, when he wants to understand how to handle objections, create desire or finding needs of your clients. Don’t let anything at  the mood , skills or attitude of your sales people. In this way you can measure better their performance once you gave them the tools to hunt.

Use spot quiz ( ask them on the spot to tell you what’s the steps of sales, or 5 questions you need to ask every client to discover  needs, 2 ways to overcome objections), work with them every week to improve every sales step based on their feedback ( how you can overcome objections better, create more desire , finding needs of your clients).

Once you create tools for your sales force, you set standards of performance, then you can measure it and improve it better .


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