5 steps that will change forever communication process with your clients

How many times you saw a commercial and said ” everybody say  the same thing , their products are brilliant, solve all problems , have the best taste in the world”?Now all commercials are noises because we are bombarded with adds from the time we wake up , turn on our laptop, drive , watch TV till we go to sleep. Every sales rep from a thousand that calling you is telling you the same message that his product is brilliant .Every  commercial add is  telling us what great are their products. So  what  you can do to go out from the noise?

Step1-Identification  40%

First step in making your audience to listen to you is to resonate  with your message, to identify with what you say. If you tell them how brilliant is your product/service, they will think ” so what”, everybody says the same .When you tell them that your Time Management training will increase productivity, make you more organize etc. you’ll say „so what”, not every Time Management is promising the same ?

What if you tell them that before you attended to this Time Management training you were so confuse, because every company promise  the same thing , that every training company is telling what brilliant is in training and for that you didn’t want to make this training because you were so confuse, you thought that all they want is your money ? What your  clients will say ? „Me too”, I’m  also confuse bcause they all say the same , they all bulshit me that they are the best and all they want is my money.

You have to make your clients to identify with your message .Instead of saying „So what” your products/services  are brilliant,  to say „Me to”, I’m experience the same situation, I’m identifying myself with your problem to( or you can use third party experienced  problem, that a client of yours felt the same before using your products/services ). This is the most important part of your communication because if you don’t catch the attention of your clients, you can do, say, make anything after that, they will not pay attention, they will not listen to you. You’ll be just noise for their years. Doing that, you are 40% closer to make the sell.

Step2-Logic & Reasons 10 %

The next 10% of making the sell is Logic&Reasons , to  make  your audience to identify with your message , you need to give some logical reasons to listen to you. Let’s move with Time Management  example and say that after applying this training, your  workday has change completely , that your time for your family increased etc. You can use here some endorsements  from  clients,  some examples on how your products/services helped  other companies or people. At this stage , you have to:

–      Giving your audience just enough facts and details to justify an emotional decision;

–      People make emotional decision but they need to justify them logically;

–      Gives them the certainty that you can provide the solution ;

–      Gives them the certainty that you are a credible source for doing this.

Step3-Attack&Confess 25 %

After you identify with your audience , and give them the certainty that you are a reliable source for helping them in providing  the solution,  you need to attack yourself ( or use third party , a client )telling them how stupid you were not doing the Time Management training, buying the product, that you said before that you don’t have time for Time Management, you didn’t want to buy the product because you didn’t see any use of it. Now tell me that you clients have the guts to tell you that they don’t have time for Time Management training or they don’t want to buy your product? In this stage you need to :

–      Anticipate and articulate the possible objections your audience will have

–      Claim that you had the same objections and attack yourself for them

–      Your outcome is for them to realized “ The Hell if You Don’t”-the consequences for them if they don’t follow through.

–      You relate the consequences with yours,  before you took the action .

Clients are reacting 10 time more quickly to solve a problem they have,  then reacting to  gain a benefit from  your product/service. With this you are 25% closer to sell.

Step4-Solution 24,9 %

After you provide the image of  “ The Hell if You Don’t” it’s time for you to unveil  the next step , next 24,9 % in making the sale , ” The Solution”  to your clients problems. Now it’s time for you to :

–      Give your audience the solution for the challenges you have already laid out;

–      Get the audience “Heaven if you do”

–      You help the audience to associate with all the positive benefits if they follow through ,and negative consequences if they don’t follow through.

–      paint the picture with your clients having your product/service( make sure that you paint the benefits of your products/services not features)

Step5-Ask for the action 0,1%

Without last step your effort will not have effect. Last mile , 0,1% of making the sale is to ask your clients for action, to engage them to follow through. Ask them to attend just one person to your Time Management training, and if the feedback is good , then all management to attend. Ask them for a test drive  if you sell cars. Ask them to register to your website and give them a coupon with a discount to test your products. „Ask for  Action” so they will be engage  and  resonate with your product. Once they invest some time or money in relation with your product/service , they will be more prepare to became your clients.

I designed a sales training based on this steps. If you want more  info, I’ll be happy to share it for free. Just write me an email at aurel.niculescu@google.com


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