6 Reasons why your clients are buying from you

1.Scarce, rare, lack on the market

This might happened  when your clients things that your products/service run out in a period of time and they must have it. This is related with special promotions, limited edition or changing collection( old collection is on sale) .This reason is all about price and availability.

Another situation refers to collectable items. This products are  collected by clients, are old, rare products.


This reason is based on a fact  that your clients are buying when an authority encourage, recommend them to buy. This can be an institution or a person well known as expert, credible , reliable source for your clients. Purchase is based on the fact that ” x” institution , person said that your product,/service will definitely  helped them , will satisfy one or more of their needs. This is a powerful reason and you can implemented by creating affiliate strategies ( look for companies that can recommend your product/services , companies with complementary products/service ).Ex: Hairdresser salon   with weeding dress  shops;   furniture cleaning products with furniture shops .

3.Social proof

Social proof  reason drives clients to you because other people are buying. It’s the prove that your product is good, qualitative because other people are buying it. That’s why many market leader companies  are advertising that they are number 1  .They want to drive the market to a company that everybody is  buying from.  Clients, most of the time, are saying ” if it’s the leader , with the biggest sales , it has to be good products/services”.

4. Likability

People buys when they like you as a sales person, or they like your brand, your adds, they are identifying  with the product/service brand and value you create around it. This happened when they feel trust and respect from the sales person who’s selling or they resonate with the brand you create ( it can be philanthropic  values around your brand, fun and great adds that  they can identify with).

5. Reciprocity

When you do something good for your clients they tend to react and buy from you. Decision is based on turning your favor back. This has a major impact on your clients if you succeed to help them achieve something, purchase something  with your help or just learn something from your messages. People   will come to you way faster and stay longer if you give them( teach them ) something of value to them then they will ever come to be sold to. This can be a huge reason for buying decision if they  perceived ,seen you as an expert , a valuable source of info for their business, a trustworthy consultant.

6. Commitment and consistency

If you get someone to make a tiny step , they are ready to make a bigger step. If you convince your prospect to test, taste, invest some time , invest some money in relation to your product they will be ready to invest more .It’s like in marriage , you don’t propose your wife at first date( it might laugh , or think you’re crazy).First you invite her to a coffee, dinner  , you get to know each other better before you ask her to marry you.

Think about how your strategy will look like if you will combine 2 or more of this reasons  to buy ?How fast do you think your clients will come to you? How many clients you can add more giving them more than one reason to buy? How your strategy will change when you try to achieve more than one strategic objective with every marketing tool you use ?( to be trusted, respected, expert in your field, consultant for your clients, clients like you ).

If you want more  info, I’ll be happy to share it for free. Just write me an email at aurel.niculescu@google.com


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