Don’t ask me if „I NEED ANY HELP” in your shop

How many of you were asked in the shops ” do you need any help?” from a sales rep. : 100% , 105%? All shops are selling to customers with handicap, with disabilities.

Please don’t ask me if I need help in your shop, because I don’t suffer  from any handicap !!!At least not from the ” choosing a product/service ” handicap.

I need help when  I’m suffering a hard attack , I broke my leg, I’m drowning  or I’m robbed in the middle  of the street.

At least ask me if I need more info regarding a product/service. Ask me if I have any dilemma of purchasing something. Ask me if you can provide my with some details about a product/service.

Dear sales reps, you’re not policeman, doctors or lifeguards , so why do you think  I need help. If you ask me that , at least wear police flashing lights,  stethoscope  or welcome me with lifeguard equipment.

Will not be better to welcome me by asking if ” I’m first time in your shop?”.And then tell me 2-3 of your USP ( Unique Selling Propositions)?You’re not the only shop in town selling „XYZ” products ( and being policeman, doctor or lifeguard J) and I would appreciated if you can tell me why I should buy from you and why I should keep coming back.

You, dear sales rep, are the most important vehicle for providing me your strengths , your value added your  advantages over competition. Many shops( furniture, electro, IT )  have great services , but they just don’t talk about it. They’re assuming that customers know about it.

Even if your customer says that it’s not first time in your shop , you still do your pitch :” If you’re not first time in our shop it means that you know XYZ benefits that our shop is providing”. Put some strategic  strengths you provide in your customers minds every time they come to your shop, and they will  place you  first in their choices for that category.

Instead asking your customer if they need some help, pitch your shop, tell them why you are different, why they should come back, why they should advise their friends to come to your shop.

So as a conclusion, don’t ask me if I need help in buying something , because I DON’T!!



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