Slogan and USP a must for your company

First of all let’s define what’s a slogan:

„A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a political, commercial, religious, and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose”.

So what’s the purpose of a slogan? To give you an identification, to give your clients possibility to  associate your brand with the mean of your company, with the purpose of your company existence.

Let’s see what are the 4 rules of a slogan:

1.            Should describe the product/service.

2.            Should contain a benefit.

3.            Position yourself above competition.

4.            Ideally , a slogan sets up buying criteria in which your product/service is the most logical choice.

How many slogan’s you see that respect definition or the 4 rules of a slogan? Not many because most of the companies don’t have a clear USP, they don’t have a clear strategy of why clients should choose their products over competition. So many of them are singing in commercials, are using animals or they throw up some features of  their products/services hopping that clients will buy.

Regarding USP , I think that every company should have 3:

•             Unique Selling Proposition– why clients should buy from me? Why me  and not my competitors? What’s special about your company.

•             Unique Strategic Position – what’s your ultimate strategic position you should have in the market. What is that I want my company should be, should achieve, what’s my long range goals”. ( no. 1 in „X” sector in 2 years, no. 1 in selling „Y” in one year). This is focused  on your company

•             Ultimate Strategic Perception your client have about your company-it is focused on your clients, on their needs.( I want to perceived as an expert in „X” field, the most respected company in „Y” field, to be perceived as the number one consultant for my clients).

The most important USP is what’s clients perception about your company and your products/services is ,because this is the main drive to your stores, website or calling your sales reps when they need a product/service.

Try to implement all 3 USP in your company and you’ll come up with a better slogan. All your focus should be on clients benefits and how they should perceive you company and your products/services.



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