Meeting is a „black hole” or an important tool for your company?

Meeting is a „black hole” or an important tool for your company?



                How many times you participate to a company meeting and felt  that you are going to a black hole? I know I did. I attended to corporate meetings as an employee and as an outsourcing company. In big corporations is a pipeline where you talk about every subject in the pipeline and  if it’s solved or not. You don’t know when you finish the meeting, and there is no ” HOW” in  this meetings. Meetings are made just for checking pipeline and  increase and decrease the  pipeline list.

In other corporate companies ,  I attended at  meetings not having at least the agenda . We were  talking about problems we have, and ending with the result of: ” we have to solve this and that”.  The record for  attending  to  a meeting was from 6PM till 1AM , and the result of that meeting was zero: we have to do this, we can’t continue like this, this shouldn’t happen again …No result, just waste of precious   time. How many of you participate to this kind of meetings? I assume many of you. How many companies do you think have this kind of meetings?

Meetings  are hold to solve problems and to end with  an outcome, result of that meeting. Meetings should have incremented results .A meeting should be hold  to improve , to find solutions and not to check some pipeline activities and not knowing when you will go out from the „black whole”.

Here are some  rules of a quality meeting:

  1. Set the agenda before the meeting and highlight  things to be accomplish in that meeting.
  2. Ask participants to come with 2-3 opinions about the issues to be discussed in that meeting.
  3. Set time for the meeting and finish the meeting in time no matter what.
  4. Set responsible of each  remaining tasks to be solved.
  5. Set time for each task to be accomplish by the owner.
  6. Don’t accept any excuses for not participating to the meeting ( except for vacation or health problems).It’s mandatory for everyone involved.

                Always discussed  „HOW” it will be done and „WHY ” they should solve the task or the problem  come up. If participants will not know HOW and WHY they should do something,  they will not own the task .They will leave from that meeting with more questions then they came  in. Make everything very clear for all participants and you’ll have excellent results from meetings .Meetings should be an important tool for your company.


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