Less than 5% from companies know how to motivate their employees

Less than 5% from companies know how to motivate their employees and not even 1% don’t  conducts a survey to find what are the driving forces that motivates company employees.

How come you don’t forget to put gas in your car tank? To go with your car from point A to point B you need to fill up your gas tank. How come , to take your company from point A to point B you forget to motivate your employees? When you buy  a car you pay a sum of money but the engine is not working without gas. When you hire new employees you pay them salary and think they should run without any motivation .For how long?

When you buy a car you have to put gas in your tank, you check oil, you make every six months visit for maintenance  check , wash it , change winter tires when  snow season arrive etc. Why you’re not doing the same with your employees?

Why you don’t treed your employees  like any other assets within your company? When you buy an equipment you know that needs power , some maintenance , to remove dust from time to time in order to be functional at  normal capacity. Why do you think that your employees  needs only pay check in order to function very well  forever? How many of you made a survey within your company to see what motivates them? Do you think pay check and bonus or commission will make them run smoothly forever? Let me tell you that it doesn’t .

When you are in first stage of a marriage or relationship and your wife/girlfriend tells you to pick up the garbage and take it to garbage can  what are you saying ? ” Yes my dear, I’ll fly till the garbage can”. You will answer the same after 3, 5, 10 years? Your answer after 10 years  will not sound like” What do you think I’m the genitor? You take the garbage.” You know why? Because everything it’s around us for a long time get’s old if we don’t  change something. If I’m  giving  you a million bucks to dig a hole you’ll do it immediately. If I will give you another million to dig another hole you’ll do it again. But at one point this million gets old and you won’t do it. Your employees job gets old if you don’t do anything  about it and their results will be lower compared with the beginning of their job. No matter  how big is the pay check or commissions/ bonus.

All your employees has 6 needs .But each one of them have 2-3  needs  that define the character of each individual. Those 6 needs are:

1.Security, certainty about their job and about the future of the  company .They constantly want to know  that they have a secure job, will not be fired and the management of company   knows where to go. They need to know  that  the company have a good future. This feeling of certainty can be done showing to all employees where the company goes  and how will reach the objectives. It’s very important to constantly  communicate with all your employees about company objectives.

2.Variety that every employee needs in order that their job not to become old. This feeling of variety can be done by exchanging places  for 1 day/1 week Ex: Store  rep  will go to logistic department for a day to work there;  Accountant  will go in a shop to work  1day/week.

3.Importance for the company is another need of your employees that is ignored  most of the time. Employees needs to feel that they are important for the company, they are a valuable asset.This feeling of significance can be done by:

–      Incentive programs for company employees.

–      Diplomas every month for top departments  employees.

–      A Diplomat Club  Billboard for top employees/ month.

–      President of the company or CEO invite at dinner  every month  top employees of each department.

4. Connection, part of the group need is when your employees feel  they have as  second family at work, they are proud  working  within the company. This feeling of connection can be done by:  

–      Team buildings.

–      Each location ( stores in different cities) should have a “Go Out Together Program”- theater, movies, sport events, barbeque.

–      Other actions made together as a team.

5.To Grow -is one of the most important need of your employees . This need  is causing  lack of  motivation for more than 80% of  employees. Employees  needs to feel that they are growing ( or they are dying professionally)They need to feel  progress  working there, that are making steps of achievement .

  • This feeling of growing can be done by changing the titles of company positions and reward growing: Ex
  • Sales rep junior                 junior buyer
  • Sales rep senior                                Senior buyer
  • Sales rep master              master buyer
  • Shop manager                   buyer manager

 Set rules and rewards  for achieving steps. Set a time frame( 18 months)  and a reward ( 10% increase in salary ).


  • Employees needs to feel  that they can help their coworkers, team members, subordinates .
  • Employee needs to feel that they are contributing to the society.
  • They will perform better being part to an entity who contribute.
  • This feeling of contribution  can be done by:

–      Being sponsor to an orphanage

–      Organizing found raises for orphanages ( with best clients and best collaborators).

–      Going every Easter and Christmas at orphanages or poor people shelter with company employees.



All your employees have all this 6 needs, but each has  2-3 needs that dominates their character . Make  a survey within your  company employees to find out what are the most important  needs of your team members. Each manager should know what motivates their team members in order to know  what buttons to push to  get  the best  results from them.


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