You have to compete with your potential as a company, not with your competitors

   Wayne Gretzky answered in a interview why he’s the best hokey player all time because he’s not the fasted, the stronger player? He’s answer was that all players go where the puck is, but he’s skate where the puck is going, anticipating the location.

Michael Jordan , best NBA player all time was asked in an interview how come he’s the best player.He said that all he’s opponents compete with what he is now as a performance, skills, but he’s competing with what he can be, with he’s potential. That’s why nobody can reach he’s performance because everybody is competing with the actual status, but he’s always train to reach he’s potential.   

Translate it in business, what do you think will happened if you’ll compete with your company potential , with what your company can be, can do for your clients? How your company will be if your main objective will be to create new value added for your clients, and not what your competitors do and eventually , copy it, implemented?

The reason for creating a business is meeting needs for your clients ,creating value added and communicating this to your target market, your clients.Peter Drucker said that business is two things: Innovation( new products, new services, new value added for your clients)  and Marketing ( how you communicate this innovations to your existing and potential clients).

If you succeed to implement this concept in your company , your competition can’t touch you.Price eventually will always can be copy by your competition, but value added can’t be, or it will be copy , but you always will be one step ahead your competition, ahead of the market trend.


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