HR importance and role within the company success

          This article comes from reading an article wrote by Jack Welch. I believe that HR department it’s important for the company but it’s not above all departments. Let’s talk about HR department functions:

          1.Recruiting- they have to search and provide a short list for the manager to hire staff for a department. How many of you saw managers hiring staff because HR provide them quality staff ( I don’t want to upset HR manager because is next to CEO in board meeting).How many of you saw a recruiting member of an HR department staying for a day ( normally should stay a week ) in every department of the company try to acknowledge what that department is doing , what requirements is needed for staff in that department. How many of you saw an add for recruiting copied  from company job description and not asking the manager what he’s looking for a future employee? Department manager should know the best what staff is needed to a department, don’t you think?

           2.Motivation ( orientation, career path management etc) -how many HR departments saw making a brainstorm asking department managers what they should do better to motivates company staff? Do you think HR knows better what is needed for your staff departments? They probably never saw your staff, work with your staff, so how come they know better? How many of you saw a survey conducted by HR asking  staff what motivates them? How can you create a motivation strategy for staff when you don’t know what motivates them? Every company has different employees with different needs.  Is it personal development ( 40% of your staff) , is it the feeling of contribution to company success ( 30% of your staff), appreciation that they are doing a great job for the company ( 25% of your staff) etc. Do you think is important to understand first what they need to perform better before your create motivation strategy for your staff? How many of you saw that HR send department managers to attend to training that his/her team will attend and give feedback , if it’s suitable or not for the team? Why HR knows better what skills you want to improve in  your team?

            3.Evaluation,assessment – how many HR departments  you saw having a discussion with department managers requesting what they should add to assessing an employee’s job performance and productivity? How come they know better what you’re looking for from your staff? How come they never ask a department manager what they are looking for in this evaluation process from the staff they are managing?

            I strongly  believe in HR importance , but it has to function properly. HR should be an assistance for every manager , every department ,  a tool for the company success. But in some companies HR became above departments, not an assistance department. If they are above departments they should be accountable for company results, don’t you think? How many of you saw an HR employee been kicked out from the company because sales dropped , or advertising campaign didn’t increase sales, or service level in call center was low, or financial figures are bad? If you want to be above departments, don’t you think you should be accountable for that? If you know better then department managers,and results are bad ,  it means you didn’t provide quality short list for recruiting, you didn’t motivate better your staff and didn’t evaluate the staff and kicked the ineffective employee, isn’t it?

            So, HR should be in the center of every company , but as an adviser, a support department, a link between every department,  working together for increasing productivity in each and every department.Also HR department should have weekly meetings with managers of each  department to understand and act for achieving better results from human resources of the company.  


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