Company= satisfy the 3 levels of needs

What is a business? A company that was created to satisfy a need or more for a group of potential or existing clients? That’s it? How about that business is a company created to satisfy a need or more for the owner? How about that business is a company created to satisfy a need or more for your employees? Do you think is possible to think like this?

Nobody is starting a company with the real purpose to satisfy clients needs. First, owners starts a company to satisfy her/his needs, isn’t it?The need for money, appreciation, to grow professionally , to accumulate goods etc.

Why somebody is buying your product/service? To fulfill one or more of his/her needs. This part almost every company thinks.

Nobody is joining a company to satisfy company or clients needs. „I want to join this company to serve my managers and company clients wich I don’t know anything about”. First, they join the company for fulfilling one or more of her/his needs. This part do you think is the most neglected part of the business process?I believe it is.

Do you think that all 3 levels should function well in order to have success in your business?All 3 levels are complementary and interconnected. .

Every person in this world has 6 needs , but they are dominated by 2-3. .Every company that is successful on long term have the strategy to fulfill and to constant improve how they can satisfy all 3 levels of a business needs

Do you think when we start a company , buy a product/service , join a company we have one need?

Owners, employees and clients have 6 human needs when they start a company, buy your product/service or join a company.

The most ignored level is needs of your employees. Most of the companies thinks that paying a salary and bribe them with some bonus or commission is all it takes to make an employee to be motivated. This can work on short, maybe medium term. But , eventually, salary , bonus and commission gets old. Employees are getting used to income they have and are not functioning the same like the beginning . Employees have needs like to grow, to be appreciated ( and not only through money), to feel connected with the team they are working with, they need for variety , certainty .Money is only one need for your employees.

Being the most ignored level of the companies I detailed the 6 needs of every employees.

  1. Security, certainty about their job and about the future of the  company .They constantly want to know  that they have a secure job, will not be fired and the management of company   knows where to go. They need to know  that  the company have a good future.This feeling of certainty can be done showing to all employees where the company goes  and how will reach the objectives. It’s very important to constantly  communicate with all your employees about company objectives.
  2. Variety that every employee needs in order that their job not to become old.This feeling of variety can be done by exchanging places  for 1 day/1 week Ex: Store  rep  will go to logistic department for a day to work there;  Accountant  will go in a shop to work  1day/week.
  3. Importance for the company is another need of your employees that is ignored  most of the time.Employees needs to feel that they are important for the company, they are a valuable asset.This feeling of significance can be done by:

–      Incentive programs for company employees.

–      Diplomas every month for top departments  employees.

–      A Diplomat Club  Billboard for top employees/ month.

–      President of the company or CEO invite at dinner  every month  top employees of each department.

4. Connection, part of the group need is when your employees feel  they have as  second family at work, they are proud  working  within the company. This feeling of connection can be done by: 

–      Team buildings.

–      Each location ( stores in different cities) should have a “Go Out Together Program”- theater, movies, sport events, barbeque.

–      Other actions made together as a team.

  1. To Grow -is one of the most important need of your employees . This need  is causing  lack of  motivation for more than 80% of  employees. Employees  needs to feel that they are growing ( or they are dying professionally)They need to feel  progress  working there, that are making steps of achievement .
  • This feeling of growing can be done by changing the titles of company positions and reward growing: Ex
  • Sales rep junior                 junior buyer
  • Sales rep senior                                Senior buyer
  • Sales rep master              master buyer
  • Shop manager                   buyer manager

 Set rules and rewards  for achieving steps. Set a time frame( 18 months)  and a reward ( 10% increase in salary ).


  1. Contribution
  • Employees needs to feel  that they can help their coworkers, team members, subordinates .
  • Employee needs to feel that they are contributing to the society.
  • They will perform better being part to an entity who contribute.
  • This feeling of contribution  can be done by:

–      Being sponsor to an orphanage

–      Organizing found raises for orphanages ( with best clients and best collaborators).

–      Going every Easter and Christmas at orphanages or poor people shelter with company employees.

The same 6 needs are for owner and for clients .I’ll come back with that in a future article.

If you don’t create  a strategy to understand why you started  a company ( this reasons will motivate you to move forward in the difficult periods of any company) , why your clients  buys from you ( and how can you add more value for your clients, having the mission to improve every day this) and how you can make your employees to give 100% for your company, feeling that they are part of the company mission to satisfy clients needs , eventually sooner or later you’ll fail .


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