In business as in life it’s all about giving and not to receiving

I want to write this believes , which I think  , is  the essence of life and business. Do you think your family needs more appreciation from you? Have you thought that you can  spend  more time with your mother, father, kids, wife/husband? Do you think they need more attention from you? Do you think you appreciate them enough? You are spending enough time with your kids? They know well enough what you feel about them? What about your colleagues at work? Have you showed them enough consideration, appreciation? Have you made a purpose to give more for your clients? Have you made a purpose to give more for your staff, partners? Do you think your company will work better if you made a clear purpose to give more value added for your clients , to create a better work environment for your company, to train , motivate, show appreciation to your staff? You don’t need a tone of money to motivate your staff or show them your appreciation  .You just need to set as  personal goal to make their life better. To show them your appreciation, it doesn’t  cost any money. Spending time  with them, and explained them company values and goals, it doesn’t cost any money. To helped them to grow and understand which are their personal goals in life and within the company and what motivates them , it doesn’t cost any money. The same think with your clients. To understand their needs , to showed them that you care about their needs, to treat them with respect and consideration . Set as  your personal goal to make your clients a better life and you’ll find ways to do it without spending a tone of money. Just set this as a  personal goal and you’ll see that ideas will come. Receiving it’s an effect , not a cause. Fulfill your part of giving and you’ll be surprised about  how your life, your relationship with your family ,  your company, your department, your team will change. „Just do it”  like Nike says .Set this as a personal goal for this year and see what will happened.


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