Stop selling and start helping your clients

Some of you will disagree with this message. I hope that after reading this article maybe you’ll start thinking seriously about helping your clients instead of a quick sale.

Every time you sell something, if what you have sold is not helping the client,  you are one step closer to lose your business. If what you sell is not helping them , it might drive  to lose their business ( or in BtoC they will never come back to you for selling them something). And guess what? You lost a client for a quick buck.

How many companies have a must in finding clients needs? How many companies have clear procedures to find client needs, to ask questions for uncover the real needs? How many companies spend enough time with your clients to find their real needs?

Let’s pretend you want to sell to a cruise ship captain and you’ll ask the captain if he needs some life vests? He tells you that the boat is unsinkable . You ask him if there’s anything else he might need,  and he tells you that it might not have enough champagne for first class. You sell them  champagne but you hear that the boat sinks because of  lack of life vests and the captain dies. You’ve sold them something they don’t need ,instead of sell them what they really need .

Isn’t it possible that you  sell champagne to your clients instead of life vests? Isn’t it possible that you sell for quick buck instead of spending some time with your clients to find the real needs of them?

Spending time with your clients, asking them questions, digging for finding  the real needs of your clients should be one of your company main objectives.


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