The biggest mistake that most companies do with their employees

Few months ago I had an interesting conversation with a Top Executive ( and owner) about employee turnover in sales department. He told me that despite the fact that he pays great salaries, great commissions, he gives nice cars to sales reps , laptop, smart phone etc. sales people don’t produce results. I asked him if he’s doing something to  help them, to support them in achieving results. His answer was that he provided all conditions mentioned above , he pays very good ,  what else he could do? Instead of answering I’ll give you some examples. What are you doing with your child when he has  seven years old and goes to school? My dear child , this is the school , this are your brand new shoes, this is your school bag, your nice lunch box. Now you have to go to school and I’m expecting straight A’s  from you and, if you succeeded that,  I’ll give you a laptop, a smart phone and a vacation to Disneyland .

When you have a broken home appliance and you want it to fix it,  but you don’t have the proper knowledge, you end up send it to the repairing center ,if you’re lucky and you have not completely destroyed it and threw . Is not the same with your employees? They try to succeed , but at one point , because of lack of support , training or clear procedures from the company , they quit or they are fired .

 It makes me sad when I see so many companies having employees with no proper tools to do their job ( and I don’t mean cars, laptops, nice desk).

If in your sales department , to continue the conversation with  Top Executive, you explained  to your sales force what is the target market , what script to use to schedule an appointment , what are five questions to use them to discover client needs, what are three most common customer objections and how to overcome them , what are three methods to close the sale , you think your sales force would be more successful ?

At one point Napoleon said that the biggest soldiers demotivation is fog .Is not the same when your employees don’t know how to do their job? It’s not foggy for them? Clear their path with specific tools ( training, procedures, clear KPIs you expect from them)  and milestones where you can measure and adjust ways to achieve results.


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