The magic pill or you create a system to heal a company or a person

In business as in life you need a system to have a healthy business or a healthy body.
If not brushing your teeth twice a day (morning and evening) you’ll end up in having tooth decay and lose your teeth.
If you do not train your employees, you will not give them the necessary tools to pursue their goals, you will not explain you employees goals to fulfill, and how to reach them, eventually they will leave or you would fired them.
If you’ll not have a healthy nutrition, you’ll not make sport , you’ll end up in getting sick, and your life expectancy will decrease.
Same thing happen with your company. If you don’t have a a system to find the most suitable suppliers , to find target market, to approach your potential clients , to discover and anticipate clients needs, to know and anticipate and prepare for clients objections, to close a sale, to find the most suitable marketing tools to reach your target market , to create basically a system for your company, you’ll end up getting sick and bankrupt.
You know what’s the paradox in life and in business? When a person goes to doctor because he has stomach or head pains , all he needs is a magic pill , and he wants to return to what he’s doing usually. The patient doesn’t want to hear that he might have ulcer or a brain tumor , he might need surgery , he might need a treatment and recovery time, he might need to change his behavior. All he needs is a magic pill.
The same thing happen with companies when a consultant approach them or they approach him. They want a magic pill so they can go back to what they were doing usually. If you tell them that they might need a surgery to extract what they were doing wrong , that they need a time to create a healthy system for the company, that they need a new way to approach sales, find target market, create marketing tools, motivate people, create procedures , train employees , in one word, create a system , all they want is a magic pill.
All people and companies think that they will be healthy forever, no matter what we do and how we treat our body or our company. When you’re young , you think you’ll live forever. When economy is booming , you think it will stay that way forever ( remember before 2008).
As you get older , your health will not be the same if you behave in a certain way. The same with companies when recession came. They can’t survive without a system, because demand decreased , competition increased and it’s not enough just to start a company and clients will come to your door. Still , all they need is a magic pill. Nobody wants to make an effort to change behavior, to create a system, to invest in people training, to have patience because healing is a process and takes time.


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