Companies, shareholders or managers don’t create jobs and prosperity . Clients satisfaction creates jobs, prosperity and a better life for companies, shareholders and employees.

Company should have one reason : to satisfy clients. Without this main objective no company will survive on the market, will exist.

How many board meetings you saw having the topic ” Clients satisfaction”? How many companies you know that have a system to measure constantly client satisfaction? How many CEO’s or Top Managers you saw going to clients constantly, ask for feedback? Why do you think Richard Branson travels with regular Virgin line asking passengers for feedback, for ways to improve services? How many of Virgin services  were created  based on clients feedback?

Let’s see what you can accomplish focusing on clients satisfaction. A satisfied client will come back? So retention it’s one of the objectives. A satisfied client will tell to at least  5 new people ( statistics say that and also say that an unsatisfied client will tell to at least 25 people) .So growth , new clients is the second objective .Growth will increase revenue, cash flow , so third main objective you can accomplish. Measuring clients satisfaction can give you feedback for improving services, expending your products/services range. What this means ? New clients for your new products/services.

I’ve mentioned only few objectives you can accomplish focusing on clients satisfaction. Why you don’t implement a system for measuring clients satisfaction? Why you don’t create a system for visiting clients by all Top Management? Make them come down from the castle tower  to see the reality, not just some figures. Maybe figures on papers ( or on your fancy  laptop screen) will look good for a short period of time. But clients feedback will always  be your truth guide  , telling you if you’re on the right path.

And for managers , employees are their customers. Without employees satisfaction, company will not have the results they could have. All managers accomplishes goals through lead on employees. So constantly measure your employees satisfaction. Your employees  believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it?


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