I describe myself as a structured, strategic-minded , capable of delivering excellent results at all levels in the organization and developing well-thought-out plans and leading them towards completion. Experienced in sales and marketing strategy as well as managing company departments and the company development.
Provide outstanding sales strategy and solutions to constant improve sales department. Create sales motivation programs and incentive schemes based on results of each individual and results of department and the company as a whole. Recruit sales personnel and managers based on a skills requirements and experience. Create outstanding reports to monitor sales results , both quantitative and qualitative.I also developed a sales training based on my experience in sales field at different levels and in different market industries.

Elaborate and implement Marketing Plan , defining company strategy and ways to implemented in details. Analyze competition, market trends and define strategy for positioning the company and choosing the right tools to fulfill the strategy.

Develop and implement the 3 P’s mandatory in each successful company: Planning, Procedure and Policies. Choosing what plan do accomplish , test it and then create procedure , and at the end , transform it in policy of the company once this work with great results. Develop outstanding motivation strategy based on 6 human needs implemented in company motivation policy.

Constant department improvement
Create the plan for constant improvement of departments based on department needs and goals.

International experience
Develop and implement outstanding strategy for development of the company at international level , based on researching the market and finding right segments of the market, and best sales strategy and tools to sale on this markets.


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